One team , one mission ...... Everyone's contribution made our mission this year more successful .

With the 2015 medical mission to Calabar West Africa, ENA became a full fledge international Care Organization.

ENA team of physicians led by the indomitable Dr AsuQuo Inyang surpassed the performance delivered last year . To this team we say from the bottom of our hearts Bravo and Thank you. We also thank our American partners , the Physicians , African Volunteers , Pharmacists, Nurses , Therapists , the Technicians , the Duke Foundation and all supporting members like you , who made this mission possible.

The joy we brought into many families who were condemned to the misery and helplessness caused by the high cost of modern medicine is immeasurable. As we work to perfect and expand our operational capacity , we can only hope that all of you from our various chapters will remain committed with the determination to serve even more people in our future missions. Despite working around the clock , report indicates that we were unable to reach thousands of people who came out in desperate need of help at three Hospital locations where the mission was staged.

The photographs taken during this mission show a tip of the iceberg or challenges facing market driven health care in communities with fragile health institutions . Our mission going forward, is to reduce, no matter how little, the number of people without hope in these communities.

Despite supreme efforts by international humanitarian organizations such as, Caritas , Doctors without boarders, Oxfam , The Red Cross, Bill and Melinda Gates foundation just to name a few , Care donors in Africa today are overwhelmed by multiple regional conflicts which splits attention and resources between the crisis from war - famine, refugees, hunger etc, and the silent war against infectious and non communicable diseases. This means that ENA will have to expand its efforts in the future to reach those excluded by this limited opportunity.

On behalf of ENA volunteer Executive team and the Board of Trustees , we thank you , and may God bless you all.

AsuQuo Ukpong
Chairman , ENA Board of Trustees


The ENA inc USA sponsored Calabar Medical Mission took place from November 8th-12th 2015 in Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria. The team comprised the following team members from North America: Asuquo Inyang, Udeme Inyang, Itoro Ibia, Grace Ekpenyong, Elizabeth Jordan, Erete Ebong, Emmanuel Nsemoh, Efiom Eyo-Ita.The team size was greatly augmented by the local ENA volunteers and volunteers from Pro-Health International who were our main in-country partners. The main site of the mission was at the Calabar Women and Children Hospital. This was the main operating base where most of the patients were seen and all the surgical procedures were performed. It also served as the main referral center for the satellite mission sites. The satellite mission sites were at Bakassi, Akpabuyo, Calabar South at PHC Nelson Mandela, and PHC Anantigha.[ PHC - primary Health Care Center ]

Specialties/ Statistics

Care for patients were provided in the following specialties - surgery, medicine, pediatrics, psychiatry, gynecology, ophthalmology, dental surgery, pharmacy, laboratory technology. A total of 2986 were seen - 2419 from Calabar and Bakassi, 280 from PHC Nelson Mandela, 157 from PHC Anantigha, 100 from Akpabuyo, 30 from the Palace of The Obong of Calabar. A total of 175 procedures were performed, 100 were dental, 63 general surgery, and 12 eye surgeries.
Although it was our wish and desire to achieve more this year than what we did last year, our accomplishment was hampered by a national fuel scarcity caused by Tanker driver's strike. Gasoline for vehicles and to power generators become more expensive as we were forced to purchase gas at a much higher price from the black market. To add to this, the condition of the roads to Akpabuyo and Bakassi have so severely deteriorated to a near impassable state. This made the transport of volunteers and patients to and from the satellite sites rather onerous and time consuming. This in turn affected the total number of patients who were able to benefit from the free medical service ENA inc USA provided.

Dr.Asuquo N. Inyang
ENA medical mission team leader

Statistics for Calabar/Bakassi

Sites Consulting Pharm Dental (Patients/pr-ocedures) Eye Care(Patients/Glasses) Eye Surg. OR Laboratory (Patients/Tests)
Total 2, 419 2, 038 153/100 798/401 12 12 1, 092/2, 573


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