The Health Outreach Committee has the responsibility of identifying outreach opportunities and initiatives that are of interest to the Efik National Association (ENA).



This committee was mandated to conduct year round fundraising efforts to keep the ENA solvent at all times. As the umbrella organization, ENA’s leadership includes, overseeing and collaborating with seven active regional chapters. As a Consequence, this Sub-Committee was setup with one goal in mind, to raise money through a host of creative avenues. Fundraising strategies of the committee will target the following audiences:

• Internally from the general membership, Externally from affluent members of the Efik Community, who are not registered members of the Efik National Association (ENA), Externally from Corporate America, Philanthropic organizations, and friends of the Efik community, The committee is also charged with soliciting for other non-monetary donations such as medical equipment or supplies, books, etc. that could be shipped to Calabar for effective use.


The Health Outreach Committee has the responsibility of identifying outreach opportunities and initiatives that are of interest to the Efik National Association (ENA). The key objective of this committee is to play a leadership role in coordinating major health outreach/ education initiatives on a national scale for ENA, in collaborate with the seven chapters located in seven different states within mainland USA. All such health initiatives target minorities, and are accessible to all potential beneficiaries irrespective of race, gender, national origin, or religious affiliation. This committee is poised to foster individual awareness, which would ultimately empower minority communities to increase their knowledge of:

  • Disease prevention,
  • Early diagnosis, and
  • How to navigate the health care system, in an effort to reduce current disparity with regards to access to care.

This committee seeks to partner with various Managed Care Organizations, philanthropic /non-profit organizations in the USA, non-governmental organizations (NGO) in Nigeria, including community health centers and hospitals. In an effort to provide enhanced access to health information and limited consultative services, the work of the committee will target the following key areas:

  • Cancer awareness and early detection (Breast, Prostate, and Colon), via mass media publicity, literature circulation, web-based education to include “How to do self-exam”.
  • Pediatric and new born care.
  • Cholesterol testing
  • Blood Pressure screening and Stroke prevention
  • Diabetic education/awareness
  • Promotion of the importance of Physical examination
  • USA based Community Outreach /Education initiative addresses similar minority health concerns including Nutrition / Obesity, Oral health, Smoking cessation, etc.
  • Free counseling and assistance to facilitate enrollment in Medicaid
  • Plans to orchestrate an International Health Mission trip to Calabar and its surrounding areas, for the purpose of providing direct health services/consult to the indigent populace.
  • Ongoing solicitation for the donation of medical supplies and equipment for hospitals and community clinics in Calabar (Nigeria) in support of the planned mission trip.

In coordinating the planned Health Mission trip from the USA to Calabar, Nigeria, volunteer medical personnel from all specialty areas will be needed. Individuals and organizations that are interested in participating in the international outreach effort are encouraged to make contact with ENA, through our official contact information. All such applicants will be duly screened, and pertinent information about the trip will be provided to those who qualify. All Efik sons and daughters are also encouraged to plan accordingly to attend this important mission during the month of October 2011.

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