The Mission of Efik National Association is to empower the Efik people in the U.S.A by:
(a) Promoting educational, economic, health, social and humanitarian projects in the diaspora and Africa;
(b) Promoting and preserving the art, custom, and culture of Efik people;
(c) Providing information about the Efik cultural heritage, traditions and experiences to the under-informed public;
(d) Fostering love, peace and unity among the indigenous people of Calabar;
(e) Establishing and maintaining channels of communication and cooperation between Efik organizations in the diaspora and those in Nigeria; and
(f) Promoting inter-group unity between the Africa communities.

Since its inception, ENA has organized and implemented successful Community Outreach activities to Africa, Cross River State, Nigeria. One of the Association’s signature activity is the Medical Mission to Calabar, under the leadership of Dr. Asuquo Inyang. Besides a team of volunteer Medical personnel from the USA, another team of African volunteer Medical professionals also donate their time and expertise in providing much-needed health care to the residents in several communities in Calabar.

The Association also ships to Africa Containers of donated medical equipment for use during each Medical Outreach Mission. The medical equipment and materials are typically donated to area hospitals and medical clinics at the end of Mission. This is one way that ENA also helps to support the health care infrastructure in Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria, West Africa.

ENA encourages health care personnel in the diaspora and Africa to volunteer to participate in its Medical Mission.Material and financial Donations towards the Community Outreach Missions are also welcome! Visit ENA Donate page at to make your valuable contributions in support of our humanitarian work in Africa!

Together, let’s enhance the quality of life for people in Africa, one life at a time.

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