Efik National Association Inc., USA (ENA) strives to encourage and stimulate community-partnership and involvement amongst Efik communities in the USA. We also provide an avenue for the recognition and acknowledgement of selfless service rendered by individuals or groups, towards the wellbeing of Efik people. Our programs focus on individual and community empowerment of Efiks, and other minorities in the USA.

We aspire to establish a first-class collaborative effort with organizations of similar interests, as we strive to promote programs in the areas of economic development, education, health, and human services.

As a cultural organization, ENA maintains direct contact with the office of the Efik monarchy (the Obongís Council), in an effort to keep abreast with important issues that impact on our cultural heritage, and the general wellbeing of the Efik communities. The ENA is a non-political group, but its activities promote equity and social justice for the people of Calabar, as a result of which it maintains an open line of communication with the government of the Cross River State of Nigeria, through its Office of Diaspora Matters.


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In 1997, Efik National Association Inc., USA was incorporated in Houston, Texas effectively bringing together for the first time and uniting all the different Efik associations that existed in the United States cities of Atlanta; Dallas; Houston; New York; Washington; and later Detroit; Boston; California; and Minneapolis under one national body, Efik National Association Inc, USA.

The merger of all the different Efik associations into one entity has enabled these associations to become stronger through shared resources, increased memberships, and common purpose even as they operate as independently-chartered entities in their respective locale each with its unique Constitution, Bylaws, and Vision; and collectively as Chapters of Efik National Association Inc., USA. The national association derive the bulk of its membership from the Chapters as all members of each chapter are by default also members of the national body and are required to pay the mandatory $50 dollars national due each which in some chapters is deducted at source. Each chapter is also levied a mandatory annual dues of $300 dollars per chapter for general administration. Efik National Association Inc., USA does not admit members who do not belong to one of its chapters at the moment.

Every year, ENA holds a national convention which usually comprise of a fundraising and gala night, fashion shows, beauty pagaent, cultural dances, seminars, workshops in one of the cities which it has a Chapter. The convention is usually heavily attended by members of ENA and their families; friends; supporters; donor; and sponsors whose kind donations and contribution and/or sponsorship make up the bulk of the national body budget. All monies derived from these events and others are used to support ENA nonprofit work here in the United States of America and in Calabar, Nigeria.

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